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At the Walkertown Seafood Shack in Winston-Salem, NC you are surrounded by a comfortable, family restaurant atmosphere. The friendly staff will make you feel right at home with true southern hospitality. You'll come as a guest and leave as one of our friends! We like to offer our customers a wide variety of menu items to choose from in addition to our amazing fried seafood dishes and dinner specials. Our family restaurant's menu includes a number of other meals such as seafood, chicken, burgers, steak, wings, and spaghetti.

There are many criteria that a steakhouse restaurant must meet to be considered truly great. Some important ones include a varied menu, local ingredients, a touch of history, experienced chefs, seasonal food, a comprehensive drinks selection, a sublime location, and staff that care. Fortunately for us, these are all areas in which Walkertown Seafood Shack excels! What could be better for dinner tonight than a juicy, sizzling steak?Ever wonder what makes a good steak? It should be juicy, tender and loaded with flavor, with a minimum of fat. The one exception to the last criteria is marbling, a name for the little pockets of "taste fat" found within a muscle that help give the meat its juice and flavor. To cook the perfect steak, most restaurants use infrared broilers to produce extreme heat overhead. You can try to recreate this effect at home by searing the meat in a hot cast-iron pan on the stovetop then moving it into the oven set at 500 degrees, but it still may not turn out quite the same. This process also risks filling your kitchen with smoke and burning yourslf off of splatters. Why not simply come to Walkertown Seafood Shack?Our steaks are prime grade cuts of meat, aged to intesify flavor and impeccably seasoned.Enjoy the finest at our steakhouse restaurant.